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Local and Remote Network Coaching and Business Consulting

Service Description

I do private network coaching and business consulting both locally and remotely. I provide coaching and consulting on a one on one basis as well in groups in the following areas and all my packages are customized. A main focus for my coaching is making key connections and introductions in the marketplace to help my clients be successful in their businesses and industries. With my network of connections, I can help you connect with and make those vital business relationships that will take you to the next level in whatever your business or profession may be. - Help to build your self-confidence in the marketplace and beyond - Accountability - work on goal setting and hold accountable for follow through - Time management - leading to more productivity, more efficiency and organization - Outside perspective - a sounding board / seeing the forest for the trees - Introductions to power partners and key connections - Work on social skills / relationship skills / trust building skills - Life coaching as applies to your need in your customized program - Sales trainings - Listening skills - Advice and short cuts - through using tools and successful proven methods - Increased Networking and getting you out of your comfort zone - Make more money - with more connections - And more types of training and consulting based on your life and business. A One Month Program is priced at $400.00 with 4 weekly appointments plus key connections and introductions including networking opportunities. I require a 3 month commitment for our work to be the most effective.

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