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Confident Communications Program: Courage, Confidence & Connections

Service Description

In this program we will work on confidence, communication skills, listening skills and getting your message out in a bold and aligned way. We’ll work with confidence building exercises and practical application to reinforce them and utilize daily so that you will experience the success you desire in business and life. I will help you understand and eliminate barriers to better relationships, more confidence and more effective performance. WHY THIS PROGRAM? Accountability and Growth - work on goal setting, both short and long term, personally and professionally. Outside Perspective - a sounding board / seeing the forest for the trees. Greater self-awareness and a positive mindset. Clarity on what success looks like. Strategies for Success - brainstorming during our sessions to assist you in achieving your goals. Communications and Life Coaching - advice and shortcuts using tools and successful proven methods. Listening skills and confidence boosting exercises. WHAT YOU RECEIVE IN THIS PROGRAM 12 one-hour sessions over 3 month program email support in between sessions book study as it relates to the program and clients needs behind the scenes research from me as your coach assessment tools to get you started off right introductions to power partners and key connections handouts and exercises to propel you forward RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT Build your self-confidence in the marketplace and beyond Balance and productivity Reduce stress Increase sales Gain buy-in and trust Improve listening skills Improve and build relationships that matter Grow your business Grow your network Make more money - with more connections

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