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As of late, it seems fear has been an enormous issue in our society. I won't take on that monkey if you will indulge me for the comparison, but I will say we have options and get to choose the path we want to take. Many would say, I can't help it, I'm afraid! My answer, why? I understand fear more than I will get into here. I am here to encourage you and assist you in changing directions.

In 1933 in his inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself". That is so applicable today and can often be applied. Fear is like a creeping vine called Kudzu. It creeps in and makes it's own path, destroying and choking other plants along the way, is how I understand it. Fear has a way of snowballing and growing, and growing and growing and before you realize it, you have an avalanche of fear taking over everything. It is also very unhealthy for our bodies, literally.

Your life has value and fear has no place in it. My blog is entitled "Courage, Confidence and Connections" for a reason. My passion is to help others see how to walk courageously through this life. The definition of Courage is "the ability to do something that frightens one". Before you go hang gliding or bungee jumping without some assistance, let's take a moment to clarify. Yes, you can go do those things and more, but please use wisdom. I desire to go up in a hot air balloon and I will not be the pilot, I will gladly shore up my courage and climb in with someone who knows what they are doing.

How do you summon the courage to live your life without fear? Take little steps each day. Writing out what you are afraid of and what you are thinking when fear hits. I've used that technique and still do after many years to find out why I am feeling fearful. You can call a friend who can help you talk it out. Most of the time fear is irrational and illogical. However, in our minds it gets blown way our of proportion to where it takes over like Kudzu or an avalanche. Try taking an objective viewpoint looking at the situation from a third party perspective.

Do your best to reverse it. Try playing some upbeat music, go for a walk, write it out as I mentioned earlier. Find a funny movie. Fear breeds on itself, but so can Courage. Choose wisely my friends; it's your life we are talking about. Take the path......

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