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As I considered writing this particular blog, I realized I could go in so many different directions. Shattered! Something broken into many pieces, damaged or destroyed. Has it ever seemed to you that you fit that description? I certainly have in my life.

A couple of weeks ago as I was starting my day, there was a literal shattering in my life. I had gotten up and started my usual routine. The control for the heater is on the wall where I have my bakers rack. I keep several beautiful biscotti jars on there to store treats in, mine and the kitty's. As I always do, I slid the one jar over to turn up the heat.

The next sound I heard was not the heater coming on but a resounding loud 'crash'! I stood there in utter horror; not because of it's value. It cost more than it should mind you yet that is not what horrified me. It's like when you know you are falling but can't stop yourself. Wow! It was totally shattered into what seemed like a million pieces. Especially as I crawled around the floor cautiously avoiding the shrapnel in order to pick them up.

Who knew one jar could be in so many pieces and all over the hallway. Well, that one was done, forever gone. No worries, I have a few left. Next project, the vacuum. It's all good now but I take my inspiration for this blog from that crazy incident. Shattered was the first word that came to mind.

Now getting back to the word 'shattered' as my topic. I often write about my life here with differing perspectives. The twist I want to take here is how our lives can feel so shattered at times. It can come from so many circumstances such as loss of a loved one, accidents, financial situations and feeling hopeless, shattered.

As I continued to reflect on this, I realized the value a shattering can have. Please don't take this to say it's good to experience loss especially of a loved one or pet. No that is not at all where I am going. There are times when our lives are shattered beyond repair like my biscotti jar. Even if I took months to put the pieces back together, it would not have looked the same I assure you.

Would I even want it then? I realized I needed to be grateful that the entire bakers rack didn't fall over had I grabbed it. When life kicks you and breaks you into a what seems like a million pieces, take a look at it closely. Maybe a new version of life is there for you. Perhaps a new path is forming you can't see clearly yet. It's possible to create the new instead of repairing the old.

I decided to take a lesson from this event, including the discomfort of crawling around the floor at 5 something in the morning. It was gone. I could not fix it. All I could do was clean up the mess and get off the floor. I did!

Now, get up....

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