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So much fun on a roller coaster. Or is it? It's fun if you like roller coasters and many people don't. I do however and I have not ridden one for some time now. It is an adrenaline rush and exciting.

The climb up is slow and eerie. Excitement builds with the climb and sometimes it is so steep there is no seeing what is on the other side. Hearts racing; lungs ready to burst from holding your breath. Or your eyes are closed the whole time. Possibly all three. I've had all those experiences in my roller coaster riding days.

I've ridden those that are enormous as well as those the pros would consider baby roller coasters. Either way, some folks are adamantly opposed to even getting near one. If you don't like them, that's cool and if you love them that is great. The exhilaration alone is a lot like life. Have you felt that in your life?

Why write about roller coasters? They can be like life. Ups and downs; not knowing what is around the bend. Slow climb up to a peak or a vision and at the top, then the drop.

Do we always know what is ahead, around the bend or over the hill? Sometimes yes and most times no.

I've written before that I don't like surprises unless they are happy ones. Perhaps you feel that way too. About the drop. Can you close your eyes and feel the adrenaline rising and the anticipation overwhelming you? As I write this simply thinking about the 'drop' makes my heart beat a little faster.

Oh the slow rise and the "oh what just happened?" at the bottom of the drop. Surprise! Did you feel that? Now back to life and my comparison. You set goals, visions, dreams and it feels like I will never get to the top of this mountain, ride, etc. Then after a long wait and slow climb, there you are sitting on top of the world it feels. Ready?

The descent sends your tummy in a twirl doing back flips and your lunch, let's just say you can imagine where it may land. Here we go, it's a downhill ride at light speed. It can be a fun drop or a wham which leaves you breathless wondering what?, how?, where? There is where the analogy comes in.

Allow yourself to enjoy the ride, uphill and downhill my friends. If you try to fight the descent, it will only get harder. It seems the drops come more than the climbs in life. I've been in both places. Look up; throw your hands in the air. You will get through this. Your future lies right in front of you and the ride doesn't last forever.

Okay folks, it's time for take off......

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