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"Change". What does that mean to you? Change in your pocket? Changing your clothes? Or does it mean someone saying to you,"you'll never change"? There are so many ways to think about change. I'm putting a bit of a spin on this and refer to a song. Surprised? Probably not.

I'm a gal who loves music and the song by REO Speedwagon is called 'Roll With The Changes'. I really like this song. It's upbeat and speaks so much about changes in life. One line says, "If you're tired of the same ole' story, turn some pages." That is something we can do. Turn a page. You're the author of your story. What are you going to write?

So often we don't change or decide to start making a change unless we feel pain of some kind. That resonates with me without question. How about you? What is that something that motivates you to change or even consider it? Lots to ponder right? Some folks embrace and welcome change. Others, like myself at times, dread it.

Some time back I wrote about the winds of change that blow our way or blow us away. I was referencing sailing at the time that we are at the helm and get to choose to fight it or roll with it. The song says over and over, keep on rollin'. It is basically a love song and the choice is ours. You've got to learn to roll, keep on rollin'.

Life will throw curves at you and curve balls. It sounds easy or does it? Let's keep this light and smile. The song always brings a smile to my face and lightness in my step; I even start dancing sometimes even if it's a chair dance. We take life so seriously most of the time and yes it can be. Laughter is the best medicine and music right there with it.

When life tries to throw you off course with a curve or a curve ball, roll with it. Do you know the more you fight it, the harder it gets. I can and I am writing a book on it. Flow, roll, and let it be. Oops more song titles. What are you going to do?

Roll with the changes my friends......

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