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I recently watched the movie, “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I have to say it is one of my all time favorites. I want to keep this blog today on the lighter side and have some fun with it.

Goldie’s character was living a life that wasn’t a happy one in spite of all her riches. My question is to you, are you having fun and happy in your life? Why or why not? Take a minute to consider and ask yourself that question. We all need resources to live our lives on the planet earth, make no mistake about it. However, sometimes we need to fall off our “ship” and lose our minds to find ourselves.

I love how Kurt Russell has a moment of ‘ah ha’ and takes her to his little house, more like a shack with 4 wild boys and sells her on the lie that she lives there and they are her boys. She knew it didn’t feel right but gradually became who she was told she was and adapted to her new life. It was a few months before her memory was jolted back when her husband showed up in a limousine and she had an ‘ah ha’ moment and total recall.

But when she got back to her ship, she was a different person yet miserable again. She had been happy in her fake life and fell in love with Kurt and the boys. She had fun, helped build a business for her fake ‘husband’ and was becoming who she was meant to be inside and it showed on the outside. I particularly love the scene near the end where they both jump ship, ‘man overboard’ and swim to each other.

What’s the take away or lesson from such a cute movie? If you aren’t truly happy in your life, is it because of how you are thinking? Or are you living a fake life? Sometimes we can’t change our surroundings, at least right away, but we can certainly get a new point of view. It may be time to jump ship in you own way and find you. Some of us could use a good case of amnesia, ha ha ha, and take a break to find a new way of living and thinking.

Are you ready? No time like the present to fall off your boat. Let’s go.....

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