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Networking Mindset

Do you go to networking events, or any event with the mindset of making new contacts? Of course you do! Let me ask you one question… do you have a stack of business cards that is piling up in your desk drawer? Take a look. Then ask yourself, what can I do with these cards? Better yet… what am I doing when I go to networking event after networking event, and all I am getting is a pile of cards, but really not seeing the level of business that I am hoping for?

It is having a networking mindset that is focused on a combined success outcome that will shift your course. A mindset of helping others! Believe me, cards are great! They should be used to follow up within a day or two. But what are you really doing to make a difference in that person’s life or business? Do you schedule a meeting just hoping to improve your business, or are you eager to help their business and expand your network? In my years of networking, I have learned that by putting effort into helping others, it will come back 10 fold.

When you go to your next networking event, shift your networking mindset to one of helping others, watch the magic happen. It is in giving that we will receive!

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