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Fear of Networking

Does approaching others in a networking environment scare you? Whether you are brand new to the networking arena or a seasoned pro, it can be intimidating to be in a new setting with strangers. Some people simply will not go into a social setting because they are riddled with fear. This may stem from embarrassing moments as a child or an adolescent. Maybe they had a critical parent or sibling that was constantly telling them that they are not good enough. If this is you, do not feel that you are alone. Many people need to deal with this “Growing Up” phase in their lives. Thats right! We are constantly growing up. It is when you quit growing and live in a place of fear, that you will miss opportunities that are waiting for you right around the next bend.

You can conquer this and learn to be at ease around a crowd of “strangers” who may be waiting for someone like you, a new you that is bold at approaching them to eager to make the introduction. I can help you overcome the lack of confidence and become that person who makes the first move. When is a good time to make that change? Now!

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