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I imagine you have heard that expression many times in your life. Is there someone watching? There probably is someone watching you but is that going to stop you from dancing? As for me, I have a memory from when I was about 8 years old that I want to share.

As I write this, I am listening to some oldies music and getting my groove on. I love music and always have from a very young age. I was raised in and around church since I was a PK, better known as a preachers kid. My mom played piano and I took piano lessons from 6 years old for 10 years but this is about a different kind of groove that I loved.

This story takes me back to when we lived in a small town in North Carolina and our house was a few yards from the church with a fellowship hall even closer. For Christmas that year I got a portable 'record player'. For those of you reading this that have no clue what that is, it was a small suitcase looking thing that had a turntable that I could play vinyl records. Yes that was before CD's and tapes.

Now that I have dated myself, back to my story. As many kids did, I had a propensity for sneaking out of the house and disappearing to have fun. Fun to me was heading over to the fellowship hall, which was never locked with my record player and a few of my favorite 45's. I loved the 5th Dimension and The Mamas & The Papas among a few others.

As far as I can remember, no one was ever in the building watching, but who knows right? I would find an outlet, plug in my new treasure and pick my song to kick off my private dance party. And dance I would. I've never had lessons of any kind but always had a love for and a propensity to break out in a dance be it rock, disco or even some ballroom. I love music and dancing. And I would really go for it in the church fellowship hall.

I recall not caring about being watched and just cutting loose. More than likely, I had a pretend microphone too and sang my little heart out. I also loved Nancy Sinatra and These Boots Were Made for Walking and in my own white boots I cut loose singing and dancing.

Are you willing to break out of a routine and dance? How about cutting loose right where you are and let go! Music and dance can bring a positive energy to your life no matter what may be going on. Personally, when I've been down and having a tough time, music has pulled me out of it and helped me soar.

I now live my life like no one is watching and if they are I hope they get some inspiration to live life to it's fullest and not care who's looking. If you can only tap your foot, tap it with all your heart. Or do a chair dance to a favorite tune or several tunes. There is life in music and the music is in you if you listen.

So dance, sing and live like no one is watching! See you in my next blog!

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