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I bet many of you either host or go to Christmas parties. I have been to my share of them. Lots of folks have their special ones on Christmas Eve. It becomes a tradition of sorts and the whole neighborhood shows up, invited or not.

This brings to mind another one of my favorite movies. Are you surprised? Probably not. That movie is 'Christmas With The Kranks'. What a hoot. I can say that word. I'm from the south ha ha ha . The Kranks is a family with the parents played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen. They have this tradition of a Christmas Eve party and the entire neighborhood comes over.

Jamie Lee is so funny and a little uptight. Tim decides they are going to skip Christmas that year because their daughter leaves the nest. They get depressed and lonely. At that point, Tim decides to take the money they would save and book a cruise which costs less than the decorations, tree, party and presents. It all backfires when the daughter calls and is coming home with her new fiance'. Whew what a crazy day they have trying to pull off a party at the last minute.

With parties you never know what you're going to get or who. Santa shows up incognito. That is a twist in the never ending saga of pulling off the miracle party. It all turns out okay with the neighbors, in spite of being upset with Tim wanting to skip Christmas. They all chip in for the daughters sake and lots of Christmas cheer is there for all.

Personally I don't have that tradition but someone special to me grew up with a Christmas Eve party their mom always hosted. I can only imagine the fun, the music and of course, the food. It is all about a big party spread right? I will conclude with a big Merry Christmas to you all.

Until next time.......cheers!

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