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Updated: Nov 11

It’s all about perspective, as we have talked about previously. So, let’s change our perspective. I had a client who is a professional photographer. Working with her has given me some insight on cameras, lenses, angles, perspectives and more. We will explore those in a new light (pun intended).

Many years ago I had a close friend that I was into photography with. I love taking pictures of my pets, scenery and beauty all around me. My many photo albums are a testament to that on my bookshelf. Over the years I have collected quite a few photos of family, friends, beloved pets, and an abundance of scenic views. There is so much beauty to see and capture on film, although film is not used as much now as in the past. Technology has made it simpler to be a “photographer” if you will indulge me on the use of the word. But, does everyone see things through the same lens? Of course we don’t so here’s where I want to look at the visual aspects of how we “see” things. I have many social media friends and friends who know me personally and they will tell you how I am always taking and sharing pictures of life around me. I could aspire to be a professional photographer, but I am staying in my lane and using my gifts of which photography is only a hobby not a gift. A professional photographer uses many different lenses and filters to get the image they desire. Let’s take a trip down that path and talk about the lenses and how they change or distort the image. For example, a telephoto lens is a rather long lens that brings an object closer to you similar to a telescope if you will indulge my analogy. In life, we can take that vantage point as well and look at our lives closer up but from a distance as in peeking at the future. Bring an image of what you desire in your life closer to you with a telephoto lens in your mind. Then there’s the wide angle lens which helps you see the “big picture” as opposed to a narrow focus. A prime lens is more of a what you see is what you get type of lens that is our life as we take a look at it daily. The last one I will mention is the macro lens and that is used for close ups to take a closer look at our lives. As you can see from just the few I shared, we can take a much varied view of our lives. I love to journal and as I write down my thoughts, sometimes it is a close up of what’s going on in my heart and life. Other times, it is a broader perspective and when looking ahead, I may need a zoom lens to take in the long view of where I am going. I hope this analogy helps when you may be dealing with issues in your life. One last comparison I’d like to mention is when you get your eyes examined at the optometrist office. They sit you down and place your head against a machine and start to change lenses to see if and what type of lenses you need to see more clearly. It used to be mechanical but now is computerized in many cases. No one likes a blurry image especially when you are trying to read, drive or even walk. Make sure you have the correct lens when looking at your life and your circumstances. Take a new viewpoint and do whatever you need to do to “see” clearly. Here’s lookin’ at you....

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