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Irene Griffin

"Janice is an excellent networking coach. She not only shared how to reach out in the right direction but then followed me and guided me to achieve the positive goals that we had set up. She is a very caring person who wants you to be successful. Janice went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed to make the right choices and or decisions. I would highly recommend Janice as your professional Networking Coach."

Miranda H

“Janice has been great - and especially helpful during Covid and quarantine to keep me moving my business forward. She helped me keep on task and gave me relevant books to read- and met with me weekly. I really enjoyed our time together and she made it personal- she really cares about her clients. Janice and I became more than just a business relationship, and I appreciate all she has done to help me and be here for me. I definitely recommend her!”


Carrie Sorem

“Janice is great at helping connect you with the right people. She is also great at helping you stay organized and making sure you are thinking about all aspects!”


Wendy Duncan

“I have known Janice for many years through business. She has this innate passion for personal development that she continues to explore. There is one thing for sure…when hiring Janice, she will give you her ALL in assisting you in moving in the right direction!”


Michael Newell

“Janice is just incredible when it comes to connection and really helping others where they need it. I met Janice last year and through her connections was able to meet my business partner in so many new opportunities. Recovery Revolution was honestly only born because of the connection Janice was able to provide me with. Definitely would recommend everyone looking to level up their business, do yourself a favor and talk with this incredible coach.,”


Self Care With Mel

“Janice is an absolute pleasure to work with and is a true professional in her field! I highly recommend her valuable service.”


Jewels Muller

“Having Janice Debo at your side as you transition to a new town, business venture, or level up your current business goals, is a step in the right direction. Janice works with you to mentor and guides you through the networking process while addressing concerns and challenges along the way. She is an amazing leader, pays attention to details, and takes you through a step-by-step process to help you reach your goals and dreams. Her ability to make connections and assist in building confidence are traits that make her coaching unique. I highly recommend Janice Debo.”


Mitzi Busby

“Janice Debo is hard-working, professional, and compassionate. I have the utmost confidence and trust in her abilities. I have known her since 2009, and she is dependable.”

Sarah Redfield

"Janice is an extremely skilled networking coach + business consultant. She has a track record to prove it. But that's not all. She truly cares about her clients as well as her community. Everything she does she approaches with integrity + heart. I highly recommend."

Lorraine Schechter, Accelerated Notary Services, LLC

" Janice is absolutely great to work with. She has guided me to move my business forward I am forever grateful! Janice has helped me get on the right track with my business. She goes above and beyond!! Thank you, Janice, for all of your kind guidance!" 


Ginny Schider

When I moved to Redmond from Lake Oswego last summer I hired Janice. She helped me dial in my networking...I’m a Loan Officer with Guild Mortgage and my business is booming largely as a result of my networking work with Janice. I highly recommend Janice!!!

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