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Strategic Meetings

Janice has been helping people meet for many years now, both personally and professionally. She naturally connects people who need services, products or even advice. She is in multiple networking groups and arranges meetings for groups such as Chicks Connect and members of ConnectW, Your Networking Universe and Chamber of Commerce. She specializes in arranging meetings between power players. Find out more on how she can connect you to the right people. Click the icon above.

Social Skills

A vital ingredient in the ability to meet new people is having good social skills.  Listening is one of those skills, just as important as asking questions is. Staying engaged while in a conversation, for either a few minutes at a networking event, or in a business meeting is so critical. With Janice’s background and training through Dale Carnegie and Brian Tracy and others, she has the natural ability to assist others through her coaching to gain better social skills. Click the icon above to hear how she can help you!

Connecting Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a of a unique mindset. They are driven and they always thinking of ways to better the world. Being an entrepreneur herself, Janice has the ability to think outside the box when working with those who need to be connected with others of an entrepreneurial mindset. Are you wondering where the right place to be is to meet your tribe? Whether you are new in town or just out of the loop, Janice will assist you and join you at the next event that will get you in front of the right people. Click above…

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